Twenty Stories, Two Dogs and a Miracle

I took my two dogs for a walk outside after having walked three miles on a treadmill. I arrived back at my condo tower to find that all the elevators were shut down, which meant that I had to walk up twenty stories with my two very small dogs (6.5 pounds and 12 pounds) in tow. I managed to coax them up fifteen stories before they refused to take another step. My thighs were burning and my heart was racing, but I picked up the dogs and put one under each arm and carried them the remaining five stories. We reached the landing of the final flight of stairs only to find the door to exit the stairwell was locked—I tried turning the handle every which way but the door wouldn’t budge. I remembered then that I didn’t have my phone with me. Panting, I sat down on the step in the pitch-black vestibule and said to God, “Please open that door.” I always ask with the caveat that it be done if it is for my greatest good, so I was prepared to walk back down the forty flights of steps. I would surrender to whatever the outcome. I caught my breath and walked to the exit door for the second time, turned the handle and the door opened immediately. Sometimes the only thing we need to do is ask. Now, if I had only thought to ask for working elevators!

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11 Responses to Twenty Stories, Two Dogs and a Miracle

  1. Diane Viton says:

    What a great reminder! I have forgotten of late!

  2. Marie Posthumus says:

    Love these stories (yes, even the ones you climb up!) Funny thing, my elevator wasn’t working yesterday either. The activity of walking up was just what I needed after sitting most of the day.
    Thanks for sharing your light heart!

  3. Lisa Greenspan says:


  4. Linda S Mitchell says:

    Thank you for so graciously bringing your story to light through humor! I am envisioning you climbing all those stairs, as well as carrying your adorable pups, and my maternal side kicks in feeling overly protective and concerned about your physical well being. Hopefully, you have proven to yourself that you are in good shape, having made healthy, life affirming decisions about your body and that God is also telling you…”Good for you! You did it!” The part about asking for help at the bitter end of the journey kicks into our dual reality both hoping on some level that “We’ve got this,” and feeling on some level that maybe we ask a little too much of God…that’s what I take from it. Thank you for the vivid reminder and I am so happy you and your dogs are safe and uninjured. Good for you!!

    • Thank you for your insights, Linda. I think I found that I wasn’t in bad shape but need to get into better shape!
      It just never crossed my mind to ask for help with the elevators. You are right that it is hard to know sometimes what to ask for and what to deal with on our own. I am learning that we are never truly on our own if we know to ask from our heart.

      • Linda S Mitchell says:

        I absolutely love your response! So true! We are never, ever alone. Our human perception that we are is a misunderstanding. Thank you, Theresa, and yes, you are in great shape! What an extraordinary and beautiful blessing. You are bringing so much light to the world! Love you, Linfa

  5. Heidi says:

    Ask and you shall receive 🙏🏻😇

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