What’s in Your Arsenal?

You can start drawing from the well of love instead of from the well of fear. Every day is a new opportunity for you to call on love. You reach for control instead of love. You go to your mammalian brain when you choose fear. You are asked to reach a higher level of consciousness. One in which love prevails. This is not for the weak. It requires deep faith and courage—a depth you are capable of achieving or it would not be asked of you. Put away your doubts and your exercise bands (it doesn’t take muscle—that was the old way). You learned very young that control was necessary for a safe environment. And so, you are still learning that control is not what makes you safe. Love does. You’ve tried your way. Now try Mine. This is the only thing that is going to bring the inner peace you are looking for.

Someone tried to break into my house. At 4:12am I flew out of bed at the sound of my security system alarm blaring. I didn’t know if someone had actually gotten into the house and was roaming around downstairs as I waited on the second floor for the police car’s arrival. I was defenseless. How would I protect myself if the intruder decided to ascend one of the three staircases? Would I use a gun? Attack with my bed pillow? Hide in a closet?  Not once did I think to become love.

After all of the visions I have seen and all the messages that I have heard about love, it was the last thing on my mind. Would it have saved me? Jesus tells me that it would and it does. We can start drawing from the well of love instead of the well of fear. I was hauling the bucket up from the well of fear, fast and furiously.

I am obviously not at that higher level of consciousness yet, and I hope not to be tested again with my life on the line, but maybe that is the point. I am hoping that there are other routes to enlightenment besides loving an intruder!



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  1. Something clicked when I read this. A new way to apply this idea of love – for me it had to do with thinking about my uncertain employment future and decisions around what to do about that. What is
    My decision making were driven by love? What does that kind of
    decision making look like? And then your story of the intruder (how terrifying!) helps further this shift, a radical example for sure: Can love protect us from physical harm in the face of
    Physical violence? What is the end of the intruder story? How does it resolve?

    • Thanks for the comments and questions, Jessica. I think we actually can protect against anything at a high enough level of consciousness, meaning when operating at a continual level of unconditional love, however I am obviously not at that level. Actually at a high enough level of consciousness this might not have happened to me to begin with. It was curious to me to sit with the fear and then observe the thoughts that my fear generated. Love wasn’t one of the alternatives. If love can conquer all then why did I revert so quickly to mammalian instincts of survival? I know this question can be answered from a biological standpoint, but I want to know how we transcend that. How do we move away from counter-violence when our lives are threatened? I heard Spirit say, Fear doesn’t keep you safe, love does. I want to know how to apply that.

      The outcome: The cops came and found the door that the intruder tried to come through partially open. The alarm and a deadbolt seemed to have prevented access, but we didn’t know that as we waited on the second floor for the cops to arrive.

  2. Linda S Mitchell says:

    With deepest concern for your safety and apologies for reading this so late, I cannot help but relate in every possible way. For me, physical, medical conditions/surgeries and life altering physical threats change me instantly from a caring searcher into a fear instilled ninny. I KNOW BETTER, yet fear and caution are still where I go. I woke up this morning with the thought/message that I survived my surgery in 2018 not only to attend Will’s wedding but because I have not learned to “let go.” Along with all the necessities of unconditional love and resultant abundance which is so obviously the answer, perhaps, at least for me, one step is learning to let go. My home is overloaded with the past and my heart is yearning for so many people and things that are gone. I must learn to let go in my journey to unconditional love and peace. And that letting go will include unconditional love of who I am, letting go of all the pain bodies and all the self criticism. Forever on the journey…Thank you so much, Theresa, for sharing this.

    • Thank you, Linda for your concern and your insights. I agree that letting go or non-attachment is part of this work and it is always there at some level. I try to work on that too. It is so hard when what we are asked to let go of is life itself.

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