Meditation for World Peace

The power of peace lies within. It is a state of being that already exists. It is up to you to see it and as you see it, you project it into or onto the world. The current world is the projection of the global hologram—it is the world that people think it must be, even though they’d like to have it otherwise. It is up to you to see it anew. Envision the world as it can be—as it is under the blanket of scarcity and fear that you have lain upon it. The state of peace and unconditional love of all, for all, is already there. Pull back the blanket. Uncover the world as I know it—as I see it. See with My eyes. See the beauty—the love—the peace and the joy. Live in this world. Project your perception out into this room—into this city, state, country and world. You alone have the power to create the world you are now seeing. Continue reading

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Consciously Compose Your Melody

Look through all the veils of illusion that have been placed in front of you.

Your work is always inner work, but you do that through your interactions with the outer world. Just as with music—there must be a play between the notes and the silence. There would be no music if there were all silence or all notes. It’s about finding balance in life between the notes and the silence—between the action and the stillness. Continue reading

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Sow Love, Reap Love

He who sows mercy reaps mercy.
And he who sows judgment reaps judgment.
And he who sows pain reaps pain.
And she who sows love reaps love.
And she who sows compassion reaps compassion.
And so in this way, you will be forever harvesting the seeds that you sow.
So if you want a life of joy, sow joy.
And if you want a life of pain, create pain in others.
And if you want a life of misery, create misery in others.
And if you want a life blessed by love, create love within yourself and spread it to all you meet.
Your life is a reflection of the seeds you have sown,
and every season yields a new opportunity to sow new seeds.

What you grow in the garden of your life is your choice.
Sow love, be love, reap love.   
~Holy Spirit~

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Sowing Seeds of Love Declaration

We the People of the World, in order to form a more perfect union with each other, insure tranquility and promote the general welfare of ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish that:

We will no longer allow our children to be killed, maimed or destroyed to resolve conflicts.

We want our leaders, elected, appointed or self-selected, to find a better way. We no longer find war an acceptable solution to conflict resolution.

We the people of the world dedicate ourselves to solving all the world’s conflicts with Love.

To begin:

We the People declare ourselves free of inner turmoil. We send ourselves love.

We the People declare ourselves free of hatred for one another. We send each other love.

We the people declare ourselves free from violent criminals. We send them love.

We the people declare ourselves free from terrorists. We send them love.

We the people send love to all those in need regardless of our own religious or non-religious affiliation. 


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You Are Not Adrift

Don’t mistake being silent and being still with being adrift.   ~ Holy Spirit~

It is our tendency in the West to associate busyness with productivity and stillness with being aimless. This could not be further from the truth. Conscious silence engenders   enlightened direction and enhances productivity. Consider starting your day in silence or even taking a few minutes to set a silent intention before undertaking a project. You may find that this exercise brings even more direction and purpose to your life.


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Attain Inner Peace

How do you attain inner peace, you ask? You stop looking. You already have it within you. You will not find it looking high and low, near and far. Look within. If it is not within you, you will never find it. What is within must be cultivated.   ~God~

To find the inner peace God refers to requires entering into the silence where the ego’s demands and desires fall away. Ego would have you believe that inner peace depends on outer circumstances when, as God suggests, it depends on what is within. Practicing meditation is one way to cultivate the tender seedling of peace. As the seed grows and blooms the condition of inner peace, rather than being the exception, becomes the norm.

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Inner Peace is Your Steady State

To you, inner peace will come when you attain all that you desire. To Me, inner peace is a steady state that has been hidden from your view. You already have it. It is not predicated on the attainment of a goal or the acquisition of your next object.   ~God~

In addition to what this message says explicitly, God is also implicitly telling us that inner peace does not come from controlling others. Our lives will not be more peaceful if others would just speak and act in a way that we desire. To begin we must surrender to what is. Surrender to the present moment and forgive.

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May Peace Be with You

Find peace in the pond in which you swim.    ~Holy Spirit~

You are responsible for creating your own inner peace regardless of outer circumstances.


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Be Love, Find Peace

Spread love. Be love. Embody love. For where love goes, peace follows. Peace is not here or there, past or future; it is ever present waiting to be recognized, like a children’s game where love is the decoder. (You can only see clearly when you look through the filter of love.) Love, that is your job. You must feel this message. You must feel and know its power to respect the message. You are beginning to feel the meaning. Now live the meaning (of love). It has power still yet beyond your wildest imaginings.
~St. Thérèse of Lisieux~

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Be with the sinner, the beggar, the prostitute.
Be with the prince and the egalitarian.
See yourself as the worm squiggling in the water on the sidewalk.
See yourself as the elephant strolling majestically through the jungle.
See yourself as royalty atop the elephant.
See yourself as the ant beneath the elephant’s foot.
Lay down your sword and your scales so that We may walk hand in hand,
heart to heart, and you will suffer no more.   ~God~

God asks you to recognize Him in the sinner, the beggar and the prostitute as well as in the prince. He doesn’t consider one to be more worthy of His love than another. If you are to be one with God then, you must be one with all of creation. Set aside your judgement so that you and the Beloved, in all Its forms, may walk hand in hand.

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