Feast On Love

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Someone has to be a guest at my table. I prepare a feast, and everyone thinks they have to prepare their own feasts. Be a guest, … and learn to feast at my table. It is always bountiful, and there are so many empty chairs around my table because so few choose to respond to my invitation. Don’t be one of those people, … Respond with open arms, an empty stomach and an open heart. For at my table you feast on love. You feast on so much more than what you see on the table.  ~Jesus~

Source has prepared a meal, set the table and is waiting for our arrival. But, instead of responding to the invitation, which can only be viewed in the silence of meditation, we toil away preparing our own feasts. Take a seat at the table. How? Begin your day in silence.  Envision yourself seated in one of the many empty chairs; acknowledge the feast before you and give thanks. After completing this meditation, you enter the world knowing that most of the work has already been done for you. You slip onto God’s Jetstream and enjoy the ride knowing that every effort you make is assisted by the Divine. It is like walking on a moving walkway where each step carries you further than the distance you would cover on your own.

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2 Responses to Feast On Love

  1. Glorious! Thank you Theresa. With love always Heather

    • Theresa says:

      I love the use of the word “glorious” as that is how I feel every time I read this message from Jesus.
      Much love to you as well, Heather.

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