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My Vision – God

 Don’t let your sight blur My Vision
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Forgiveness Is The Justice – Holy Spirit

Judgment of yourself does not keep you wise. It is your natural intelligence that keeps you wise.  Judgment of yourself …Continue reading
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Free Love – God

You are a child of God. He surrounds you and He is in you. And He wants you to rest …Continue reading
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The Fulcrum – Holy Spirit

God is the fulcrum and the lever.
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Love – The Holy Spirit

Never should anyone lack love for themselves or for another.
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In God’s Love – Jesus

(In response to a client’s question about Leviticus 19:31 “Do not turn to mediums or seek spiritists, for you will …Continue reading
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God’s Will – The Holy Spirit

The same hand that carries the sword (of condemnation) carries the flag of surrender (to God’s will). You can’t carry …Continue reading
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Pride – The Holy Spirit

Pull back your pride and walk through the gates of heaven.
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Love is the Answer

No matter what the question, the answer is LOVE.  ~Holy Spirit~ Love is the key to the kingdom that we are …Continue reading
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Contempt – The Holy Spirit

Contempt is contempt for yourself—for not achieving what you think you should have achieved.  
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