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Relationships – Holy Spirit

All relationships bloom, like the opening of lotus petals, around the relationship you build with yourself.
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Patience – Mother Mary

Passive is when you don’t make a choice. Patience is when you choose not to take action.
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Dance – God

Accept, have no regrets, rejoice! Rejoice in the life that you have chosen. Accept the gold that is you. If …Continue reading
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Marriage – Mother Mary

Marriage is a gentle baby that needs to be nurtured. You cannot leave the baby alone. You leave the baby …Continue reading
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Golden Self – Holy Spirit

I release my false selves to the wind as they are purified and are taken to the far reaches of …Continue reading
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Love Yourself, Love the World

When you know how to love yourself you will know how to love the world.  ~Holy Spirit~ The world is …Continue reading
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Your Inheritance – Holy Spirit

Every person is an heir to the throne of the Beloved.
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Forgiveness – Holy Spirit

Forgiveness is complete when you forgive yourself completely.
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Dancing Through Life – Holy Spirit

Life is a dance with no floor and no end to the music.  You just have to accept that and …Continue reading
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The Power of Forgiveness

Your act of forgiving one forgives many. Your act of forgiving two forgives many more.  ~Holy Spirit~ Forgiveness wipes the …Continue reading
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