Love Yourself, Love the World

When you know how to love yourself you will know how to love the world.  ~Holy Spirit~

The world is a reflection of ourselves in ever broadening concentric circles beginning with those closest to us and expanding outward to include the global community. In this way the world and the people around us are mirrors reflecting our shadow selveThis means that if we find it difficult to love the world, then we must look within–unearth our shadows and then love them. This doesn’t mean we don’t try to change less desirable aspects of ourselves. It means that we acknowledge and consciously work on raising our level of consciousness until we can love the world as it is. Paradoxically, this creates a more loving world. 


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  1. Debora says:

    I have 3 main branches growing within my Coming Home Holistic Healing Services. Jin Shin Do, body mind Acupressure ®, Brainspotting performance and trauma therapy, and Coming Home Holistic Organizing- Clearing Cutter workshops for the home. Each one falls under my motto” What’s inside is out and outside is in”. It’s a privilege,every time I work with a client.We grow together.The lesson of inter-being, our connection with every aspect of life comes forward. There are so many layers. With understanding and compassion, accepting our challenges allows the heart to heal. Love and Spirit is the healing gift we can give to each other.

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