Own Your Power – God

If you want to own your power then you must own Me. Do not rest until you have united with Me—and just as you do not rest your head until you are physically exhausted, you will not rest your spirit until you and I are One. Where do you find Our Unity? In the poor. In the wealthy. In the hungry. In the opulent. You find it in the trash and in the hills of gold. If you think I am here, but not there then you are wrong. I am everywhere. I am in your pain and I am in your suffering. I am in your joy and I am in your solitude. 

I Am You. For how can the Creator desert Its Creation—I have not, nor will I ever.  

Go now and remember what I have said. Take it with you. Think upon it. Let these words settle into your bones. You and I are One. We always have been. We always will be. Holy, holy, holy—I Am not holy without you being holy. Rest in Our Unity. Amen.

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