Self-Healing Meditation – Holy Spirit

Picture your cells as crystal-clear droplets of water. They glisten as a drop of melting snow reflects the sun. Your body is filled with these glistening droplets. They come together to compose every fiber of your being. And in their joining is your strength.

Envision your bones made strong by these crystal-clear droplets. Each organ in your body functions at peak performance because it is made of purity. These crystal-clear droplets come together to formulate your blood, which then flows throughout your body radiating life into every inch of you.

Do you see your heart beating? It beats for you.
Do you feel your lungs expanding? They breatheair just for you.

Each organ in your body functions ceaselessly just for you.
Love them back. They are doing the best they can.

Starting with your exterior,
love your skin.
Love your eyes, your nose and your mouth.
Love your brain, your heart, your lungs.
Love all those organs you never think about, like your liver.
Love your stomach and your intestines. Your excretory system and your reproductive systems.
Love your bones.
And when you finish loving yourself, love yourself some more.

Love is the ultimate detox diet.
You give nothing up but gain everything in return.
Now imagine all the crystal-clear water as Love.
Every cell in your body is filled with Love.
This is the big Love with a capital L in the presence of which
There is no room for hatred, anger or revenge.

Fill your cells with the crystal-clear water of Love.
See them now.
Love fills you.
Love made you.
Love never left you.

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