Fear Not – Jesus

Fear not what comes to you when you walk with me. When you walk with me, you walk in comfort. You are comforted in the knowledge of your unity with God. ~Jesus~

Commentary: Fear is prevalent in our society. We carry fears about the future, our health, our children, money–the list is endless. In this channeled message Jesus is teaching us that our fears dissolve in the knowledge of our unity with God. To be unified with God requires that we relinquish our need for control. It is about finding the balance between taking action and surrendering the outcome. It requires conscious awareness and practice.  Jesus is one of many paths into the unitive state. Choose the path that suites you best and do the work required on that path. Is it silent meditation? Is it contemplative prayer? The path may include a combination of teachings and spiritual reading. Make a list of tools you are going to use to move from fear into the unitive state and then follow it. Keep trying. You will get there.

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