Be with the sinner, the beggar, the prostitute.
Be with the prince and the egalitarian.
See yourself as the worm squiggling in the water on the sidewalk.
See yourself as the elephant strolling majestically through the jungle.
See yourself as royalty atop the elephant.
See yourself as the ant beneath the elephant’s foot.
Lay down your sword and your scales so that We may walk hand in hand,
heart to heart, and you will suffer no more.   ~God~

God asks you to recognize Him in the sinner, the beggar and the prostitute as well as in the prince. He doesn’t consider one to be more worthy of His love than another. If you are to be one with God then, you must be one with all of creation. Set aside your judgement so that you and the Beloved, in all Its forms, may walk hand in hand.

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