Meditation for World Peace

The power of peace lies within. It is a state of being that already exists. It is up to you to see it and as you see it, you project it into or onto the world. The current world is the projection of the global hologram—it is the world that people think it must be, even though they’d like to have it otherwise. It is up to you to see it anew. Envision the world as it can be—as it is under the blanket of scarcity and fear that you have lain upon it. The state of peace and unconditional love of all, for all, is already there. Pull back the blanket. Uncover the world as I know it—as I see it. See with My eyes. See the beauty—the love—the peace and the joy. Live in this world. Project your perception out into this room—into this city, state, country and world. You alone have the power to create the world you are now seeing.

Do you see people shaking hands, enemies embracing, lovers hand in hand? Do you see races, religions, ethnicities coming together in love and peace? Do you feel the joy? Do you see a world without borders where there are resources aplenty? Walk with Me in this world. You are not limited by space or time, so walk freely around the earth. Look in every corner, and see what you have manifested. See this new earth. You are the givers of birth to a new world order. You are manifesting the world anew, in My image.

The world doesn’t reach this point on its own. It gets there through you. You are what makes the world complete. Your projection of love makes it whole in love. You have come back to a time before time, where there is harmony, peace and joy, where no one is better or worse than the next, where we exist as one. And so as one heals, we all heal. As one loves, we all love. As one experiences joy we all experience joy. Peace happens for us all, or for no one; but it must start with you—with your vision, which cannot leave anyone out. It comes from the deepest recesses of your heart and soul. It is the dream of the creation that you live anew. Embrace your power to create the world in My image, for it is through you that My world comes to fruition.

See the spinning earth and the love vibrations that emanate into the cosmos. For as you see peace on earth, you also bring peace to the entire universe. May you be blessed to live the life you are now manifesting, in a world that reflects back to you unconditional love, peace and joy.

May peace reign upon you.      ~God~

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