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Everyday Mystic: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

5 star review Everyday Mystic: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary is about how in the midst of our ordinary lives we can experience the extraordinariness of the Divine. This is the story of my unlikely journey from financial executive to everyday mystic; how I began, in the course of my daily life, to see and hear the Divine. My premise is that if I can see and hear the Divine so can you. I am here to tell you that you already have a direct relationship with the Divine, if that is what you want. You already have the Divine communicating with you in many different ways—you just need to open yourself to the infinite possibilities. I share with you the messages I have received over the years from Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila and others. These messages transcend all religious boundaries and are the sacred truths for our generation. They will lead you to a life of inner peace, love and joy.

Theresa Joseph, founder of the Global Peace Movement and Channeled Grace Healing Circles, is a mystic, spiritual mentor, intuitive healer, Reiki Master, and artist whose mission is to empower others by raising consciousness, manifesting peace and channeling grace. Prior to this Theresa spent 18 years in finance at International Business Machines. She has a BA in economics and an MBA in Banking and Finance.

Linda Fallo-Mitchell, Ph.D. is the Director of the Global Peace Movement and co-leader of Channeled Grace Healing Circles. She is an intuitive healer and Reiki Master whose work is to nurture and support others on their individual journeys, empowering them to value themselves and to trust their own inner wisdom. Her healing practice integrates her experiences over the last 30 years as a college professor, corporate researcher and educational consultant. Linda holds a doctorate in psychology.

What people are saying about Everyday Mystic

"This is a wonderful, wise, humble, revelatory book that could change the way you see GOD and live your life"
~ Andrew Harvey, Mystical Scholar, Author, Spiritual Teacher,
  Speaker and Founder/Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism

"A woman records her spiritual journey and how she transcends in the enlightening non-fiction book, Everyday Mystic: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary by Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell. After years of receiving messages from the spiritual realm, Theresa begins to apply them in her life. Following the guidance of Jesus, Mother Mary, angels, Holy Spirit, saints and God, she experiences unexpected solutions and miraculous events; even in the most mundane instances. As Theresa complies with their instructions, she becomes more active in helping to bring about a new world. A place where the unconditional love, peace, and faith inherent within each soul will blossom. Embracing the messages her divine guides give her, Theresa shares them with the world. 'We have now entered the Age of Light, where the light of the heart and the light of the soul outshine the mind. The shift to a higher consciousness has already begun...'

"Everyday Mystic: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary by Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell is an inspiring spiritual book, guiding the reader into new and soul awakening experiences. The communications the author receives are universal, but they hold doctrines of Christianity and Catholicism. The fundamental precepts of their content are creation, obeying God, surrendering your life to God and Jesus, serving God, doing His will, humility, and faith in God. These are uplifting components if a person adheres to the spiritual teachings of the church, but unfortunately, if the reader is not inclined to church-based doctrines these may be foreign to them. Despite that detail, the book delivers a salient point; all-encompassing, unconditional love from the divine source is accessible to everyone and can potentially transform the world. It is exciting to consider that a change in intention can produce miracles which are not only life-changing but globally effective. This inspirational book is a powerful read and a splendid motivational tool for those who wish to enhance their spiritual lives."
~ Susan Sewell, Readers' Favorite

"Everyday Mystic: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary is nothing short of transformative. Theresa Joseph's wisdom reveals that the keys to love and peace are no further than your own heart."
~ Elizabeth Wellington, Writer

"Everyday Mystic: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary reminds us that mystics aren't people who come around every thousand years. It unlocks the door for the rest of us, showing us that we don't have to sit on a mountaintop in quiet meditation to have a sacred life. Mysticism is available to anyone who is willing to tune in to it. The power of Everyday Mystic is in Joseph's absolutely approachable voice. This is an important and beautifully told story."
~ Annabel Monaghan, Author and Columnist

"I am loving your book. Felt like playing hooky from teaching today to read it (but didn't). And I truly believe it can help many, many people. And should. It should be published and marketed worldwide.
~ Jennifer Johnson Osbourne, Mezzo Soprano, Voice Coach and Instructor

“…It is humorous, factual, intelligent, wonderful and so needed by the world. I wept when I thought the book was ending – and then of course I realized that the messages stay with you forever…” ~ Marie P.

“I LONG to go to bed so I can be with your book and yet I rarely read more than a page or two and then I leave it open to the page I just read so that I can read it again when I come back to bed.... I don't want it to end, so I am coming up with these ways of stretchhhhhhhhhhhhing it...today I read more pages than my usual allotment...it was lovely....delicious.... so, I have to say, this book is making my life magical...the piece that has always been missing for me is deep faith....and you are offering that and I am hungry for it and sooooooooooooo grateful to you for that.... Your book, more than ANY other launched me into a very open and courageous place....” ~ Lee Bryant.

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